Industrial strength

By KIERAN CLAIR There’s a mistake most investors make, and it’s not about choosing cash flow versus capital gains, deciding between regional and metro holdings, or even whether houses provide a better option than units. The overriding error is forgetting that the world of property investment doesn’t end with residential. It’s an understandable stum...
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Is commercial development right for you?

By CAM McCLELLAN Within the property spectrum there are many different types of investment, residential, commercial, land are just a few. You can invest for growth, you can invest for yield, it’s a whole Pandora’s Box of options. A few years ago we bought a block of land with the view to building a commercial property which would carry a long term ...
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05 November 2018
General Articles
New Business, Service or Product Launches
My Property Negotiator™ You find the best property. We get you the best result. With hundreds of successful negotiations and client purchases under our belt, My Property NegotiatorTM gives you an...
02 November 2018
General Articles
New Business, Service or Product Launches
VaultRE Product Overview Document VaultRE is the product of a strong, strategic partnership that combines experience spanning 46 years of real estate specific software development, with the knowledge,...
03 June 2018
Business Opportunities
New Business, Service or Product Launches
RealWay is pleased to announce an exciting and major change to our business model. We are moving from a franchise to a licence model which we have called Regal. Regal stands for RealWay Exclusive Geog...
20 October 2018
Linktosale has its own built in events management system. This can be used to manage home opens as well as all other types of events. For this tutorial we are going to focus on home opens.When an agen...
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03 November 2017
Kitchens & Bathrooms
The kitchen is a very important part of our life and house too. It is directly related to your good health. So it is important to have a clean kitchen in your house. So it is better to have a clean an...
25 November 2016
Property Investment
By Jennie Officer, University of Western AustraliaThis is the fourth piece in our series, Reinventing density, co-published with Future West (Australian Urbanism).The story of Perth’s low-densit...
11 August 2016
Imad Moosa, RMIT UniversityThe Australian government is using warnings from rating agencies like Standard & Poor’s Global Ratings (S&P), which placed Australia on a negative watch during...

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